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Wrotham Arms Broadstairs Musical instruments 2

The Wrotham Arms Blues and Roots Club

The pub is hailed as Broadstairs's premier music venue and is proud to be the home of the nearly-always twice-monthly Wrotham Arms Blues and Roots Club, curated by local Blues afficionado Geoff Pine.  Current bookings for 2020 are listed below.

Tues 21 Jan 8.45pm

Chris King Robinson Band

Fri 7 Feb 9pm

The Headhunters Band

Tues 11 Feb 8.45pm

Jimmy Carpenter Band (USA)

Tues 18 Feb 8.45pm

Stompin' Dave and Earl Jackson Trio
Official launch of Broadstairs Blues Bash!

Tues 3 Mar 8.45pm

Sean Taylor Trio

Tues 17 Mar 8.45pm

Mike Farris (USA)

Tues 24 Mar 8.45pm

Beki Brindle Band (USA)

Tues 31 Mar 8.45pm

Big Dez Band (France)

Tues 14 Apr 8.45pm

The Achievers
8 year anniversary special


Tues 21 Apr 8.45pm

Mark Butcher Band

Tues 28 Apr 8.45pm

Alvin Youngblood Hart (USA)

Tues 5 May 8.45pm

Stacy Mitchhart (USA)

Tues 12 May 8.45pm

Split Whiskers

Tues 2 Jun 8.45pm

Veronica and Max (Italy)

Tues 16 Jun 8.45pm

Adam Karch (Canada) - TBC

Tues 30 Jun 8.45pm

Kris Dollimore

Tues 7 Jul 8.45pm

Mike Sanchez

Tues 14 Jul 8.45pm

Gary Cain Band (Canada)

Tues 21 Jul 8.45pm

Ian Parker

Weds 12th Aug 8.45pm

Robin Bibi and Nigel Feist 

Tues 25 Aug 8.45pm

Lightnin' Willie And The Poorboys (USA)

Tues 15 Sept 8.45pm

Seth Rosenbloom (USA)

Tues 29 Sept 8.45pm

Debbie Bond Band (USA)

Tues 7 Oct 8.45pm

Adam Sweet and Ian Jennings

Tues 13 Oct 8.45pm

Keith Kenny (USA)

Tues 20 Oct 8.45pm

Jose Ramirez Band (Costa Rica) - TBC

Tues 27 Oct 8.45pm

Black Market III (USA)

Tues 3 Nov 8.45pm

The Blues Duo (Tommy Allen & Ray Drury) - TBC

Tues 10 Nov 8.45pm

Ian Siegal

And there's more...

The Wrotham is proud to bring excellent Blues music to Broadstairs all year round, and equally proud to be an official venue of the annual Broadstairs Blues Bash in February.  But it's not all about the blues... the music programme on other days of the week is at least as good, just a bit more eclectic.  Check out our  Gig Guide for the full list of upcoming events.